Wall Mounted Foldable Squat Rack

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Lift as heavy with absolutely no worries.

One of the most unique product in the market today, the Again Faster Wall Mounted Squat Rack allows greater usable floor space without sacrificing reliability and stability in squat rack.

It folds up to allow your floor to stay scratch-free and is made of the same quality of steel you can find on our high end commercial rigs.

This squat rack is a reliable, stable, and strong rack where you can focus on your workout instead of wondering if your equipment can hold. Once you're done, simply fold it up and instantly free up space.

This marriage of reliability and convenience in storage differentiates it from any other rack on the market today.


  • Designed with a hinge support system that minimizes horizontal sway better than similar products on the market, our solid design bears the brunt of a weighted barbell and meets it with unmatched stability.
  • With a simple 3-step set-up, this retractable squat stand allows you to spend less time moving equipment and more time using it, whether at home or in the midst of a busy class.
  • Efficiently designed, this all-in-one unit has no detachable components when in use or when stored away, reducing clutter and the risk of losing pieces.
  • Two lock pins secure the hinge design to create a stable, safe base you can trust to shoulder the weight of every PR attempt.
  • Whether it’s a garage gym, basement or open concept facility, this retractable power rack allows your space to serve all of its intended functions without sacrifice.
  • Paired with the Again Faster Home Pull-Up Bar, you can easily squat, bench and do pull-ups without the inconvenience of reassembly.
  • Built with durability and stability in mind, the squat stand is created with the rig-like specifications at 11-gauge steel, 2x3” steel tubing, and 5/8” hardware.

Product Details

  • Upright Tube Size: 2x3” black powder coat steel
  • Hardware: 5/8” diameter, Bright Zinc, Grade 5
  • 11-gauge steel components
  • 2 Lock Pins
  • J-Cups included (pair)
  • Hole spacing: every 610mm along the upright
  • Ceiling height max: 2.3m lowest ceiling height
  • Rack footprint: 81.3cm (depth) x 177.8cm (height) x 122cm (width) when opened to squat rack position
  • Wall footprint: 2.3cm (depth) x 233.7cm (height) x 122cm (width) when adjusted to wall rack position
  • Hardware, assembly instructions, and floor anchoring screws are included. Mounting hardware can be used on concrete, wood and metal stud, and drywall installation.


When installed and used correctly, the Again Faster Wall-Mounted Folding Squat Rack can be mounted on concrete, wood or metal stud, and drywall. Though this unit can handle any weight you can lift, due to variability in wall construction, we recommend that no more than 1,500 lbs be loaded onto the rack. Installation instructions will be provided in your package. All product guarantees will be voided if used for or mounted on anything other than their intended use.