Team Kettlebell

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For weights heavier than 32kg, you can contact us for more details

Again Faster Team Kettlebells for home gyms, commercial gyms and boxes

Kettlebells are a simple, space-saving yet versatile, functional equipment. It is perfect for cultivating core, strength, stability, and explosiveness with a "lopsided" centre of gravity that works different muscle groups and stabiliser muscles from "uniform" equipment. 

The Again Faster Team Kettlebells were designed to bring you this functionality along with unmatched design, durability, grip, and ease of use.

Other Features

  • A textured, matte black powdercoat finish offers superior grip and takes chalk extremely well.

  • Made from durable cast iron moulded with a single pour. This mean the Again Faster Team Kettlebell's handle and body form a single, seamless finished product so that you do not pinch your skin while working out.

  • Living in Singapore but sometimes follow workouts from USA? The Again Faster Team Kettlebells are labelled in both pounds and kilograms, so you'll always know how much you're picking up for your workout.

  • If you have used other kettlebells before, you may be familiar with rusting handles or a corroding body. The Again Faster Team Kettlebell is coated - you never need to worry about Singapore weather rusting your equipment!