Sanctband Active Multi Layer Tube with Handles (1.5m Length)

$19.00 - $28.00
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About Sanctband

With a background in the medical field, the Sanctband Active range of bands are manufactured with Sanctech technology - it is powder-free, low protein and made with natural latex. The bands are also manufactured with a layered, dipping process as compared to the typical "melt and compress" process.

Sanctband bands have passed endurance tests of 10,000 stretches under TUV GS Product Safety Mark Certification. You are getting consistently high-quality and certified safe products with us. 

  • Reduced protein minimises skin irritation due to latex allergy.
  • Made with Latex dipping technology, there are no air gaps in the product unlike other generic bands. When pulled, the resistance is pull force is evenly spread throughout the band.
  • Good breakage resistance. Unlike generic bands due to the layered dipping manufacturing process and quality latex used. One band will last you years of pulling and no snapping.
  • No re-powdering required. All our rubber products do not require re-powdering unlike other products out there.
  • Durability is a key result of the quality materials and manufacturing process.

About the product

The Sanctband Active multi-layer resistance tubes are designed with utmost consideration for the active individual as a tool for strength and conditioning. At 1.5m long and attached to a pair of easy-to-hold handles, familiar movements are taken to a new level with the consistent, linear increases in resistance throughout the full range of motion.

Developed for extra durability to facilitate rigorous exercise regimes, Sanctband Active multi-layer resistance tubes are a versatile training tool for athletic training, sport mimicry drills and strength training. Widely used for speed, strength and conditioning, these Sanctband Active Resistance Tubes are easily mobile and a great traveling companion for workouts in your hotel room, bootcamps, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and functional training. This convenient and effective product comes in five colour-coded resistance levels.

  • Pink (Light) (1.7mm)
  • Amber (Medium) (2.0mm)
  • Purple (Heavy) (2.3mm)
  • Teal (Extra Heavy) (2.6mm)
  • Violet (Super Heavy) (2.9mm)