Resistance Band

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The Again Faster Resistance Bands aid bodyweight exercise, mobility and eccentric training, or powerlifting. They are essential to an appropriate mobility kit. There are four different resistance levels that accommodate a wide range of athletes and needs:

  • Red: Resistance Value: 10 - 50 pounds (4.5-22.6kg)
  • Blue: Resistance Value: 25 - 80 pounds (11-36kg)
  • Green: Resistance Value: 50 - 120 pounds (22.6-54kg)
  • Black: Resistance Value: 60 - 150 pounds (27kg-68kg)

You'll find yourself performing assistance-free bodyweight movements in no time progressing through the entire set. The uses for these bands are only limited to your imagination for advanced bodyweight practitioners.

With the Again Faster Resistance Bands, you can accomplish a wide variety of stretches that would otherwise require a partner, including the couch stretch, dynamic hamstring stretching, and PNF. Used as dynamic resistance on a barbell, these can also be used in powerlifting, building speed and power throughout the range of motion during squats and deadlifts.

Again Faster Resistance Bands belong in every athlete's bag, and are critical to having a well-run box and gym regardless of how you choose to use them.


  1. Sold in singles
  2. Available in four resistance levels
  3. Used to aid bodyweight exercise, mobility training, or powerlifting