Plyometric Box - 3-in-1 Plyo Cube

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We have gone through several versions of this box over the years and our engineers have refined it to what it is today. The Again Faster 3-in-1 Plyo Box is made to be functional, versatile and safer to use than other boxes. Using high quality timber, it measures 20 x 24 x 30 inches and has a unique puzzle configuration that allows it to not only withstand intense weight but also made to be secured in a way that maintains the integrity of the timber. It features ergonomic handles that allows you to pick it up from any side with ease. The result is one of the most effective and safe pieces of conditioning equipment available.


The Material:

Made of high-quality timber, contributing to the strength of what you can throw on it. This also allows it to be lighter than other boxes so that it is easy for you to carry. 


The Construction:

The edges of the box are smooth and properly beveled. This means that if you were to scrape yourself against the box, it's less painful and when carried around, you will not feel sharp edges poking into your fingers. Meanwhile, holes are pre-drilled for the hex drive threaded machine screws so that it is easy for you to secure the pieces together. Not only is this more secure, you will not be jamming your screws into the wood - making it easier to build and keeping the integrity of the material. (It's just safer this way!)

If you ever so desire to remove the hex drive threaded machine screws, you can do so without damaging the box at all. Have a big move? No worries at all!


The Design:

The puzzle-box is researched and engineered to fit together like pieces of a puzzle. It fits perfectly together, making it even on all sides and reducing any instability that comes with other boxes.

The box also comes with pre-made grooves to further make it super easy to assemble!


What comes together with the box:

- All hex drive threaded machine screws and allen key (hex drive) is provided with the package.