Evolution Barbell

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Now: $335.00
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The Again Faster Evolution Barbell provides great value to you - it is designed to be the answer for quality, high volume training at a low cost. It has also been proven by use in boxes and gyms globally to last years with proper care. This is perfect for gym owners looking to get fully stocked on barbells, or as a great addition to any home gym.




20kg - 28mm 
15kg - 25mm 

Collar Length: 
20kg - 450mm with 420mm usable 
15kg - 350mm with 320mm usable 

Weight Tolerance: +/- 0.1% 
209,000 PSI Ultimate Tensile Strength 

  • Oil impregnated bronze bushings are press-fit into the inner and outer ends of the collars 
  • Internal horseshoe collar and a pair of external snap rings secure the collar 
  • Meets IWF and IPF specifications for knurl mark spacing
  • Mild to moderate dual knurl marks provide a secure grip while helping to save your hands during high-rep lifting