Camo Rubber Bumper (KG) [For a pair]

$135.00 - $425.00
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Again Faster Camo Rubber Bumpers is the new evolution of the virgin rubber bumper plate. They are extremely durable, colour coded and engineered to solve the problems with run-of-the-mill recycled hi-temp rubber plates.

What do the Again Faster Camo Rubber Bumpers solve?

  • Free of poisonous chemicals like VOC, which is very prevalent in hi-temp plates.  Virgin Rubber does not contain poisonous VOC unlike the recycled hi-temp rubber plates. Hi-temp recycled rubber plates are made with rubber scraps from making other products, including old rubber tires. These are then glued together around a metal plates to give you the "recycled" hi-temp plate. With Virgin rubber, you are assured that you get high-quality rubber that do not contain poisonous chemicals that have links to cancer.  
  • Increased rubber durability and density. If you feel that the rubber plates you have seen in Singapore are thick and takes up more storage space and barbell space than you'd like, then have a look at the Again Faster Camo Rubber Bumpers. We use rubber with increased density and durability, creating a smooth-to-touch feel and slimmer bumper plates than the normal hi-temp bumper plates. 
  • More predictable, lower bounce. If you have used OEM or OEM-branded bumper plates before, you know that your barbell bounces unpredictably when dropped and is always a safety risk. Not to mention that it takes up more time to finish the workout waiting for the barbell to stop bouncing. We use a rubber that bounces 30% less than run-of-the-mill bumper plates and importantly, bounces evenly.
  • Less noise. Noise is always an issue when we work with people setting up home gyms, commercial gyms and boxes. The high density and quality of the rubber used in the Again Faster Camo Rubber Bumper means that the noise if and when your barbell is dropped, is dampened. No more loud, hollow noise from less dense run-of-the-mill bumper plates. Don't be fooled when other companies advise you that hi-temp is less noisy and has less vibrations. The way hi-temps are made means it has larger air pockets and decreased density - all factors in less durability, increased noise, and high, unpredictable bounce.
  • No cracking of rubber or loosening of the collar. We have seen many plates suffer under the Singapore weather. The rubber starts to dry, crack then loosen from the collar. The Again Faster Camo Rubber Bumper is engineered with a welded fin that the high density rubber is moulded around. The high density rubber has been tested to withstand Singapore's heat and humidity and the collar will not loosen. 

These plates are distinctive in every way, and the result of an inside-out approach to improving one of the most commonly used products in the functional fitness world.

Product details

  • 5kg: Grey Flecks
  • 10kg: Green Flecks
  • 15kg: Yellow Flecks
  • 20kg: Blue Flecks
  • 25kg: Red Flecks


The 5kg bumper plates are not designed to be dropped from above the hip unless coupled with larger bumper plates. Dropping a barbell loaded only with 5kg bumper plates from above the hip (shoulder or overhead positions) may cause cracking and breaking. Failure to follow proper use of these bumper plates will void our guarantee.


Width in mm

O.D in cm

5 kgs 32.3 40
10 kgs 46.7 45
15 kgs 68.3 45
20 kgs 76.2 45
25 kgs 86.3 45