Battle Rope 15M Black

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Again Faster Battle Ropes are ideal for cardio, resistance training, or group workouts and WODs.

Training with heavy undulation ropes enables athletes to mobilize every muscle group while developing greater metabolic endurance, core stabilization, and authentic strength.

You can vary your workouts with a range of single and double arm slamming, waving and spinning exercises with the Again Faster Battle Ropes. Grab the free ends and start shopping your arms up and down.


  • Entire manila rope is covered in durable ballistic nylon ensuring no fraying on your ropes
  • Comes in one long 15 metre rope. Hook around an anchor for battle rope usage
  • Rubber ends make it resistant to fraying at the ends
  • Won't shed or deteriorate, is UV and water resistant
  • Covered nylon is easy to handle and not rough on the skin