Assault AirRunner - Treadmill

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Would you like to burn up to 30% more calories when you're on a treadmill? The Assault AirRunner is the tool for you. The Assault AirRunner is powered by you. You'll be amazed by how effective this manual treadmill is and you can also change the speed of your run to amp up the intensity. With no maximum speed, the limit is defined by you. It has zero electrical consumption, so your workouts come with a low carbon footprint.



  • The AirRunner is the lightest treadmill available with a 33” width
  • Speed change available to vary intensity of your workout
  • Manual treadmill means it is powered by you, safely stopping when you stop running
  • Burns more calories than a motorized treadmill
  • Solid build for a long, long run in your home gym or commercial gym
  • Easy to maintain with long lasting running belt


  • Built with a steel frame and handrails
  • Corrosion resistant hardware
  • Slat belt running surface lasting up to 150,000 miles - no need to adjust belt tension or replace the deck in the meantime



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