Again Faster Training Sandbag Set (Up to 100lbs capacity)

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With a total capacity for 100 pounds, use it for cleans, presses, lunges, the list is endless for working out with the Again Faster Singapore Training Sandbag Set.

The Again Faster Training Sandbag Set is made to last and secure - be sure that the sand will not spill inside the bag or outside the bag. 

About the product

  • Comes with 3 sandbag inserts with double velcro openings.
  • Smooth to carry; no metal buttons
  • Opening is secured with a industrial-strength zip and covered with a double velcro-secured cover
  • Seven durable rubber handles; ensuring there's no worry on broken straps in your workout
  • Made with military-grade ballistic nylon
  • Double-sealed velcro sandbag inserts ensures you spend more time on your workouts and less on your clean up
  • Switch up or down the intensity of your workouts by removing or inserting back your inserts mid-workout

Product/Warranty details

  • Each Again Faster Sandbag can fit up to 3 fully-loaded filler bags with a capacity of 33 pounds each, offering you the versatility to choose a range between 33-100lbs.
  • Again Faster Training Sandbags are not intended to be slammed onto the ground or swung overhead. The max capacity of each Again Faster filler bag is determined by the density of the sand used. For lighter weights we suggest using play sand and for heavier weights, mortar sand or an equivalent high-density sand-like material is recommended.
  • All Product Guarantees will be voided if used for anything other than their intended use or loaded with a non sand-based material.