Again Faster Power Rack 1

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The Again Faster Competition 3x3 Power Rack 1 is our entry-level option designed to be sold at an affordable price for any strength room needing a professional level power rack.

A 1.2m x 0.6m footprint on the 3x3 Comp PR-1 will save you valuable floor space with full functionality for general training strength work or weightlifting.

With 11-gauge, 80mm x 80mm steel, rigid 10mm thick endplates at every joint, and 1” diameter hardware, this rack is perfect for studios, home gyms, or club and school weight rooms - especially so if your space will see large volumes.

It also has an special industrial powder coat finish which resists chipping and scratching from high traffic use.

With two inch hole spacing in the squat zone, this rack accommodate a ton of different bar heights for your exercises. All of our 3x3 pull up rig accessories also work with this rack, like dip stations, shackles and the like. Also, it ships with all hardware included and is easy to put together with a couple of large shifters. You'll be lifting heavy, safely, in no time.

  • 8' (2.4mtrs) Competition Upright
  • 3' Safety Spotter Pins (Pair)
  • Competition Cross Tubes Mini
  • Competition Multi-Grip Bar
  • 3 x3 Competition J-Cups (Pair)
  • 2 inch hole spacing in the work zone

Also available as an add-on are Again Faster Band Pegs or Pins, to hold your resistance bands that attach to the barbell for your squats and deadlifts.