Again Faster Competition Professional Grade (Pro-Grade) Kettlebell

$79.00 - $89.00
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The Again Faster Pro Grade Kettlebells are designed to suit specifications that cater and comply with International Kettlebell Competitions.


  • Larger mass in the ball - Larger in size as compared to our Team Kettlebells, the pro grade kettlebell gives better ballistic abilities
  • Consistent sizes - Regardless of weight, all Again Faster Pro Grade Kettlebells are sized the same and this allows for consistency in techniques as you move up or down in weight.
  • Competition size - The Again Faster Pro Grade Kettlebells have competition compliant sizing on its handles.
  • Superior handles - There is a certain cut to it that prevents lateral slipping compared to usual kettlebells which would minimize your fatigue during high repitition sets.
  • Non-rust - As usual, we make our equipment to last, even in hot, humid weather. Forget about rust with our equipment.